Generas Corporate

Udumbara is a word from Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language. It means «an auspicious flower from Heaven» and tradition tells that it is born every three thousand years.

Udumbara is a line of business of our Generas Corporate Holding. We want to use technology to develop products or services that make people’s lives better.

We believe in markets, and we want to do our part responsibly to leave this world better than we found it.

We work with startups to find concrete outlets on the world market by providing them with our knowledge, our professionals, and our capital even in the “early stage” phases.

Udumbara does not want to be just a project. It wants to be a “space” in which ideas meet and contaminate each other, where it is possible to share intuitions and strategies to achieve them.

We want to offer impact solutions that stimulated changes in society, changes that bring hope and positivity. Stay tuned, you have a power, the power to generate.