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Banyan is the largest tree in the world and it has primacy among sacred trees, enjoying the devotion and love of many Orientals.

The most striking feature of the species is the constant and massive production of aerial roots, which originate from the branches.
These grow slowly downwards, until they reach the ground and penetrate it, becoming, by aspect and function, a real stem.
The meaning of the new trunk is not so much to form an independent tree, but to act as a support to the growth and horizontal expansion of the branch that generated it.

This is how the Banyan tree is continually expanding outwards, reaching incredible dimensions.
Our Group deals with financial activities and in particular in the acquisition of investments in companies and/or entities established or constituting Italian and foreign.

Our strength, inspired by the symbolism of this big and powerful tree, is to make use of strong collaborations, cutting-edge professionals and balanced opportunities.

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