Generas Corporate

If this greatest cold does not penetrate into our bones, how will the fragrance of the plum blossoms pervade the entire universe?” (Dogen Zenji)

Our Real Estate takes is name from "Plum Blossoms". The plum is a flowering tree brought to Japan from China by a delegation of Japanese diplomats sent to China during the Tang dynasty. It has graceful flowers that bloom in early spring and a noble fragrance. The Japanese immediately fell in love with it and until today it has been treated as a typical Japanese flower. The plum blossom offers the power of life by surviving the severe cold of winter and giving off a pure fragrance even in the snow. It is said that the colder the winter this plant goes through, the more intense the fragrance it emanates.
This is the logic that moves us: to meet the challenge of transformation!

BAIKA REAL ESTATE s.r.l invests mainly in buildings characterized by sustainable architectures that limit the environmental impact, increase the energy efficiency and the comfort of the inhabitants. The projects we support take into account the rhythms and natural resources, solutions and materials that do not cause harm or discomfort to others and the environment.

We seek and offer solutions that fit harmoniously into the context, thus also thinking of a total reuse of the space and materials in place.

If you also believe in these values and have a real estate investment project to propose, contact us.